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The Import Export Hub

To support departments with their imports and exports the University has joined forces with University Press & Assessment to provide a specialist central team - the Import Export  (IE) Hub. The Hub sits within the Press's existing Trade Compliance Team and will provide:

  • Pre-shipping advice and support to departments
  • Clearance instructions for UK Customs
  • Post shipment audit compliance and error handling

The Pilot​ phase 

The pilot currently consists of two elements:

1. Working with a number of departments to finess working practices, provide advice and enable the team to start to understand how the University works. Departments currently in the pilot:

  • Department of Engineering
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Biochemistry
  • Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology

2. Ad-hoc referrals from the Tax Team for additional advice and support

Please contact the Tax Team if you require more information or would like to be involved in the pilot at


Clearance instructions requests

The IE Hub will assist departments with:

  • providing the correct information for the entries
  • any required certificates for VAT and/or duty relief

The IE Hub will provide a unique clearance reference number for the freight agent as part of the clearance instructions that will enable us to track and reconcile the entry later.

Departments should provide the IE Hub with any details requested and where appropriate a copy of the medical exemption certificate. The Hub will then provide the agent with all the required clearance instructions.

The Hub can currently be contacted at 



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