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Rates effective from 1 January 2020

For part of a day including breakfast* £10.00
For part of a day including lunch £10.00
For part of a day including dinner £24.00
For part of a day including lunch and dinner £34.00
For bed and breakfast £115.00
For bed and breakfast (London rate) £145.00
Allowance for staying with friends or family £25.00
The allowance for a complete period of 24 hours outside London £149.00
The allowance for a complete period of 24 hours in London £179.00

*The breakfast rate applies when breakfast is not included in the cost of accommodation, but can also be claimed, upon presentation of a receipt, when an employee leaves their house earlier than usual and before 6am and buys breakfast away from home after a qualifying journey has started.

Reimbursement of expenditure is restricted to the allowance or the amount spent, whichever is the less.

Exceptional circumstances

The Financial Procedures Manual provides that "there may be occasions when it is not possible to stay within the rates and it is the intention that individuals should not suffer financial loss as a consequence of being required to travel on University business. Therefore, the rates may be exceeded in exceptional circumstances where there is no choice but to exceed the rate (e.g. there is no accommodation available within the preferred rate) or where there is a strong business reason to exceed the rates (e.g. attendance at a conference in a hotel where the rates are in excess of the set rates and it is desirable to stay there in order to foster academic relations). In such cases, evidence should be retained to support the need to exceed the approved rates."


Negotiated rates for accommodation

Heads of Departments and others who need to arrange overnight hotel accommodation in Cambridge for visitors are asked to note that the University has negotiated preferential rates, for bed and breakfast, with a number of hotels and guesthouses. Information on University preferred hotels can be found in the Preferred Suppliers database and should quote the University contract reference to obtain the correct rates when making bookings.

For details of negotiated rates available to the University and Colleges for hotel accommodation in London and nationwide, please contact the Procurement Services on 32233.

For more information about travelling, please see the Travel website.


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