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Finance Division


The Finance Business Transformation Programme Discovery Phase 

The Discovery Phase of the FBTP has been ongoing since September 2019 and is due to finish in December. The University is being assisted by PA Consulting who are experts in finance and business transformation within the higher education sector. 

This exploratory work is helping us to understand the Finance issues experienced by academic and professional services staff across the University, and to identify opportunities to improve through process efficiency.  

The scope of the Discovery Phase project is detailed in the image below:  
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Since September, significant consultation with Finance employees and Finance service users has been ongoing through workshops, interactive events called World Cafes and a survey.  Participation has been high with 1161 employees completing the survey and 230 in total attending the workshops and events. Those taking part have represented almost 100 departments and faculties across all schools, as well as non-school institutions and UAS (University Administrative Services). 

We are now analysing the feedback gathered to identify future business needs, understand how Finance currently functions and develop opportunities for improvement.  To ensure our understanding is accurate, we have been also running follow-up workshops to validate and check  findings.  

A final report will then be created on the Discovery Phase findings. This will also contain PA’s recommendations for further work following the review. Throughout this time we will be updating and consulting with a wide range of stakeholders to communicate the findings from the project and to provide information about next steps. 

A business case for the full programme will then be submitted for approval in 2020. 

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