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Introducing a new Expense Management system 

The University is reviewing its expense management system to provide a swift and simple solution for employees to claim expenses. This will be the first phase of the overall project, the second phase will then encompass student and visitor claims.

This project aims to introduce a digital expense management system that will: 

  • Be less wasteful of resources, freeing up employee time 

  • Provide improved management data  

  • Integrate with the University Finance System 

  • Digitally capture receipts and supporting documentation 

  • Provide automation of the approval workflow 

  • Enable integration of University Credit Card expenses 

  • Collect data to allow reporting on the University’s carbon footprint 

In 2018, the University processed approximately 73,000 expense claims which were handled via a manual paper-based system which is labour and time intensive, and creates some duplication of effort. Claims are submitted in a variety of formats such as spread sheets, handwritten notes or online forms contributing to an overall cumbersome, time costly process which also involves the transport and storage of large amounts of paper. 

To establish a digital expense management system which is right for the University’s varying needs, a pilot stage will commence in 2020 which will be undertaken by four key departments which include Cambridge University Development and Alumini Relations (CUDAR), the Medical Research Council Cognition and Brian Sciences Unit (MRC CBU), the Faculty of Education and the Finance Division. Together these departments will help to shape and develop the system so it is right for the University based on user feedback. During this time a dedicated User Group will also be consulted to provide further user insight and a more tailored system will be developed as a result.  

Once the Pilot phase of the project is deemed successful, it is anticipated that the new Expense Management System will be rolled out to the remaining University departments during 2020. The second phase of the project will then commence.

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We welcomme any thoughts or queries and this project. Please email: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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