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major step towards creating a simpler, more user-friendly approach to how the University procures, purchases and pays for its goods, works and services was made this week (July 24) with the launch of Version 1 of the new Procurement Services website.  

The launch of Version 1 is an ongoing project for 2020 and beyond to improve Procurement's website offering as part of the Finance Transformation Programme’s (FTP) Strategic Procurement Review (SPR). Launching the new site demonstrates that feedback gleaned from the SPR’s Discovery Phase has been listened to and tangible improvements are being made. Developing how Procurement communicates and disseminates information to the University is an initial, yet crucial building block that will help to pave the way for the further transformational changes to come and the launch the new site is just the start. 

Version 1 is a one-stop-shop for departmental usersUniversity-wide procurement professionals and external suppliers which aims to forge a single source of truth for procurement advice and guidance. The new webpages are intuitive, offer great functionality and user experience and are far more suited to procurement and purchasing in 2020. 

The new site includes updated content from the former webpages; however, it has been reconfigured to focus on the needs of the user, with its easily navigable layout and clear display menus. Additionally, the ‘Buying for today, thinking of tomorrow’ section guides users through making sustainably responsible purchasing choicesThis is just the beginning of a body of work which will ensure that sustainable procurement - meeting the need for delivering goods, works and services in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible manner - is always embedded in the University’s approach. As part of this Procurement has been working collaboratively with the University’s Environment and Energy team who have provided input for this area of the site.  Further information about how sustainable procurement is supporting the University’s journey to a zero-carbon future can be found here. 

Users can now find the tools they need to make informed procurement choices, including everything from easily identifying preferred suppliers, buyer guides, refreshed templates and information on dispensationto tendering information and guidance. A supplier portal is also accessible and takes suppliers to a sealed area of the site which details the University’s approach to purchasing and procurementand available opportunities to bid for. University users can also now refer suppliers with any queries to this part of the site.   

Version 2 

Early next year will see the ambitious progression to Version 2 which will be further developed and enhanced after considering user feedback and data gleaned from the new site's analytic capabilities, which will reveal how it is being utilised.  Version 2 aims to be even more user-friendlyintuitive and consistent with a typical consumer website where orders can be easily selected and efficiently made place via Marketplace. 

Helen Wain, Group Head of Procurement, said: “This is as significant and exciting step on our journey and demonstrates we have listened to the feedback from the Discovery Phase. We are now carving out the foundations that will support in delivering the findings from the SPR and its aim to create a simpler, more user-friendly approach to how the University procures, purchases and pays for its goods, works and services.  

A huge amount of work has been undertaken to get us to this stage and I’d like to thank everyone involved for their efforts. We are determined to continually improve the site to ensure it as tailored and relevant to the University’s procurement and purchasing needs as possible, so please do continually feed your thoughts and ideas back to us via the ‘Contact Us’ functionality on the site. 


Please see our CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Assistance pages for help with areas of Finance during the current situation.

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