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A new version of the UFS Purchase Order will be available from today (Tuesday 18th April).  This is as a result of the work initiated by Procurement Services in consultation with the Finance User Group over the last 18 months. To view an example of the new format, please click on the link

The changes include:

  • For printed Non-Catalog orders, the PO number will be prefixed with the two letter department code, but no longer include the Ship-To number.  For electronic Marketplace Orders, there is no change, the department code and the ship-to number will still transmit.
  • The CAPSA Personal Profile functionality has been expanded to include the email contact details of the buyer on printed POs.  Training material will be updated ready for the 18th April. Full guidance on how to update your profile from the 18th April is available here.  Please note that this material will not be updated until the 18th April as this functionality is not available until then.
  • Comments/Attachments on Purchase Orders:
    • Header Comments will appear in the Instructions section at the bottom of the PO template.
    • Line Comments will still appear against the relevant line of the order.
    • If there is an attachment then a paperclip icon will appear at the top right of the PO to indicate that there is an attachment.
    • For Marketplace orders, any comments or attachments will not transmit to the suppliers, so this remains unchanged.
    • A hyperlink to our standard terms and conditions will be at the bottom of the PO.

The next stage of the project is to enable a field in UFS where supplier email addresses will display on the PO.  This is to help end users who view the PDF of the PO to then be able to easily find the correct email address. 

Once the new format has been in use for a short while Procurement Services will undertake a review to capture feedback from end users across the organisation to assess if further improvements are required and to resolve any issues raised. Please contact, with any feedback or issues so that these can be logged and addressed accordingly.

If you have any queries about the UFS Patching project or any other finance system related issues please contact:

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