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Safety and security declarations will be required from 1 October for all goods leaving Great Britain. This now includes goods moved in roll on roll off (RoRo) vehicles, and for empty containers, pallets and vehicles moving to the EU under a transport contract. This reflects the existing model already in place for trade between Great Britain and countries outside the EU. 
What is a Safety & Security declaration?

Most exports will have safety and security requirements met with the customs export declaration which contains safety and security information. This is sometimes referred to as a combined exports declaration. The person(s) normally responsible for submitting a combined declaration is the exporter of the goods, or their representative.

The carrier of the goods has a legal responsibility to make sure the UK customs authority is provided with pre-departure safety and security information. The carrier will need to make sure they provide certain information to the person submitting the combined exports declaration.

An exit summary declaration (EXS) is required in some cases where the export consignments are not covered by a combined export declaration. When an EXS is required, the responsibility for ensuring this is submitted lies with the carrier or the operator of the ‘active means of transport’.

This may mean that your customs/freight agents ask you for additional information about shipments.

More guidance is available from HMRC
Page published  27-Sep-21

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