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Which import process do you need to follow?

You will need to follow the Standard Import model as outlined in the steps below unless one of the following scenarios applies.

This two-page aide memoire for the standard import porcess is also available to download.

Basic steps in the Standard Process

1) Agree terms and condtions with your supplier
2) Appoint a customs/import agent 
3) Determine the goods tariff classification / commodity code
4) Check:

5) Instruct the carrier/agent and provide with documentation
6) Declaration made at port
7) Transactions processed on CUFS and payment made

Important : Agents

For each movement of goods across the border there are two seperate declarations that have to be made:

  1. an export declaration as the goods leave the supplier's country
  2. an import declaration as the goods enter the new country

Who is responsible for doing which depends on the terms agreed with the supplier. Possible scenarios include (but not limited to) :

  • The supplier appointing an export agent and the customer appointing an import agent
  • The supplier appointing both an export and import agent (which might or might not be the same person/carrier)

Therefore, it is really important to make sure you understand the terms of sale agreed and who is responsible for the import.



Page updated : 14 Feb 2022

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