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Intrastat - continue to send copies of purchase invoices plus commodity codes

For 2021, we are still required to submit summaries to HMRC (known as Intrastats) for all purchases of goods from EU countries.  To do this, we need additional information that is normally shown on an invoice or import declaration but is not held in CUFS.

  • If your Department uses Shared Services you will need to ensure they also have the commodity code of the goods.  Shared Services will forward the copy invoice and code to the Tax Team on your behalf.
  • If you process your own invoices, you are required to email a copy of the supplier’s invoice along with the commodity code to


Where can I find the commodity code?

Often, the supplier’s invoice will include the commodity code (also known as HS codes , or Tariff classification) as it is required information for the goods to be sent to you as an export, post-Brexit.  Alternatively, the import declarations will show the commodity code and will be sent to you by your agent.  Known as supplementary declarations, C88 or SAD – the code is entered at box 33 and is 10 digits long e.g. 3004500000. 

You can send a copy of the invoice plus the C88 or you can include the commodity code in the email – we do not mind how, as long as we receive the commodity code.

For more information on commodity codes and how to check them. 

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