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Unrecoverable Research Staff Costs (item (iii))

  • ‘Residual’ research staff costs which cannot be recovered from funders, either because: staff have been unable to carry out research necessary to meet contracted deliverables due to the impact of the pandemic; or funders have reduced their budgets in response to Covid-19 uncertainties; should be transferred to ALBE; 
  • Except where costs relate specifically to furloughed research staff or staff covered by the University’s Contract Extension Scheme (where the University has already confirmed it will cover those costs – see above); in these cases, related staff costs should be charged to the specific SoF (ALBM), for separate tracking and reimbursement[1];
  • Transfers should not be made pre-emptively and costs should remain on respective grants (or other funds available locally), until it is confirmed that they cannot be recovered from the grant provider or from other sources; 
  • In most cases this will only be confirmed when each grant closes (which may be 3-6 months after the end date): when performance against deliverables can be properly assessed and negotiations with funders about additional sums and possible extensions reveal the extent of any shortfall in funding, required to meet outstanding contract deliverables;
  • It is expected therefore, that some research costs will continue to be recharged to ALBE over the course of the next few years, as affected grants draw to an end; although it is hoped that the longer the time to a grant ending, the greater the scope to make-up any lost time in meeting research deliverables before the end date.

Page last updated 16-Dec-20


[1] Where qualifying costs have already been charged to ALBE, these should be transferred to ALBM to ensure they are identified for reimbursement.

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