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Departmental Spending

The University’s Covid-19 enforced temporary cessation of business as usual has given rise to a range of previously unforeseen costs as well as income streams foregone.  While such impacts should be mitigated as far as possible, there will inevitably be significant residual costs for many departments and institutions.  It remains too early to determine the final quantum of these costs or say how much of these costs might be covered by the University’s central reserves and how much may need to be covered by departments and institutes (recognising that all funds ultimately belong to the University); the full extent of the likely exposure won’t be known until the overall path of the pandemic is better understood, which is unlikely to be for several months yet.  In recognition of these potentially lengthy timescales, this document updates and supersedes previous guidance issued regarding the University’s approach to Covid-19 related departmental expenditure: principles for mitigating costs; and guidance for recording and tracking costs which cannot be mitigated (‘Residual’ costs).
For the purposes of this guidance, the financial impact of Covid-19 on departments and institutions is considered in the following broad categories:
i. Costs incurred to adapt and respond to the lockdown  as well as ongoing new ways of working that have occurred as a result; either to allow working from home or infrastructure and protective gear to enable on-site working;
ii. Costs of Covid-19 related initiatives (e.g. testing facility, digital platforms to enable on-line teaching), each with specific Planning and Resource Committee approval;
iii. Research staff costs which cannot be recovered from funders, either because: 
a. staff have been unable to carry out research necessary to meet contracted deliverables due to the impact of the pandemic; or
b. funders have reduced their budgets in response to Covid-19 uncertainties.
iv. Trading income lost due to temporary cessation or part-cessation of activities.
Page last updated 16-Dec-20

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