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Covid contingencies departmental guidance table

  Default funding approach Funding of residual costs [1] Post pandemic
Necessary (ex-budget) costs incirred to adapt and respond to Covid (i) Mitigate costs as far as possible  Charge to ALBE where not recoverable from other sources ALBE apportioned between Department and Cetre (proportion TBD)
Specific approved costs of Covid related initiatives (ii) Charge to ALBE temporarily pending specific budget allocation Charge to a specific SoF (eg. ALBI, ALBJ) to a max of budget awarded Charge to a specific SoF (eg. ALBI, ALBJ) to a max of budget awarded
Staff costs funded from Research Grants (iii) [2] Continue to charge to Research Grant Charge to ALBE (Furloughed and Contract Extension staff costs to ALBM [3]) ALBE apportioned between Department and Cetre (proportion TBD)
Activities funded from lost trading income (iv) Continue to charge to Trading account Continue to charge to Trading account University will consider funding top-ups in respect of material, unrecoverable deficits, based on sustainable business plans
Page last updated 16-Dec-20

[1] Residual costs are those which cannot be mitigated or otherwise recovered from the appropriate funding source, or other related funds available to the department. In the case of research costs it is likely that the final residual costs will only be identified on a grant by grant basis, as each grant closes and discussions with funders lead to exposed costs. 

[2] Further guidance re. treatment of staff costs which aren't funded from research grants is included in the document. In rare cases where other unavoidable costs of Covid arise, which do not fit any of the above categories, please discuss with the School Finance Manages in the first instance

[3] ALBM to be used for all Residual Contract Extension Scheme staff costs, whether funded from research grants or otherwise 




Please see our CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Assistance pages for help with areas of Finance during the current situation.

UFS issued communications and the University website also contain information on this topic

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