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Source of Funds (SoF) ALBM

There are two exceptions to the general principles listed under SoF ALBE.  The Central University has confirmed that it will reimburse, in full, ‘Residual’ costs in respect of:
  • Staff costs arising from the University’s Contract Extension Scheme ; subject to the requirement to first utilise any surplus funds on the specific research grant, from which the individual was employed (if applicable);
  • Salary costs of furloughed staff who are funded from research grants (to the extent they have not been mitigated through successful CJRS claims and where all other reasonable routes to recover costs from the funder have been explored); subject to prior approval of furloughing, on a case by case basis and the requirement to first seek to recover such costs from the grant funder. Note that there is further guidance regarding treatment of salary costs of furloughed staff funded from other sources, at the foot of this document.
A new SoF has been created (ALBM) to track these costs specifically, so they can be easily identified for reimbursement purposes.  In both cases, residual costs should be transferred to ALBM when it is clear that there is no route to recover costs from the funder.  Line item descriptions in CUFS should clarify that such costs relate to Contract Extension or Furloughed Research Staff, so they can be identified centrally.  The phrases ‘Furlough’ or ‘Contract Extension’ should be inserted right at the start of the line item description, to ensure appropriate identification.
Page last updated 16-Dec-20

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