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Specific Covid-19 Initiatives (item (ii))

  • PRC has set aside a limited budget for University funding of specific, discretionary Covid-19 related initiatives. Budget proposals are scrutinised by the Finance Scrutiny Group/Financial Implications Task Force ahead of submission to PRC for approval. Where proposals are approved and funds awarded, specific sums will be set-aside and allocated to budget-holders, as a contribution to related costs incurred locally. In due course a distinct SoF will be set-up for each initiative (e.g. ALBI – Digital Platforms; ALBJ – UG Teaching Funding), so that awarded budgets can be allocated and expenditure tracked;  departments / other budget-holders should charge relevant costs to the appropriate SoF, to a maximum of the amount awarded;
  • Costs incurred on approved Covid-19 initiatives may initially and temporarily be charged to ALBE until specific budgets are set-up (only where PRC awards have been made), ideally in a ring-fenced local Cost Centre, which allows tracking of related costs;
  • Any excess costs incurred locally, beyond the amount awarded by PRC, should be covered from funds available to the department, school or institute (not ALBE), until or unless this has come back to PRC for an agreed top up.


Page last updated 16-Dec-20

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