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2020 Key notes

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Use of Shared Services
Special Roll Forward requests
Purchasing – Monitoring of Deliver-to-Home orders

Use of Shared Services

To assist this section prioritise work for the year end, departments using Shared Services are asked to:

  • submit 2019/20 items for processing five working days prior to the closure of AP (by close of business on 10 August),

  • separate items to be processed in 2019/20 from those relating to 2020/21.

However, as the deadline for other departments to raise internal AR invoices to you is 12 August, please continue to send any invoices received as you get them to Shared Services for processing within 2019/20, even if this is after the 10 August deadline. 2019/20 invoices will be prioritised if you alert Shared Services to them.

It would be preferable to hold back items for 2020/21 until after the current year-end deadline. If you do send them in over this time, please clearly mark them as relating to 2020/21, and be aware that they may not be processed until after the 2019/20 work is complete.

Special Roll Forward requests

The addition of an extra day in prior years was a success. Therefore the same process will be followed this year. Standard roll forward balances will be created as at close of business on 7 September, but the deadline for specific requests is by midday on 9 September. The objective is to allow time for specific requests to be submitted to Finance Managers for review.

Purchasing – Monitoring of Deliver-to-Home orders

Any orders raised for home deliveries using the new University-wide Deliver-to code DTH are excluded from Departments’ standard Open Purchase Order Reports. Instead, Procurement Services are emailing relevant departmental Key Contacts with a summary of these orders for their department on a weekly basis. These need to be checked and followed up regularly, particularly to ensure they are receipted as soon as possible, as part of the year end essential tasks.


Please see our CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Assistance pages for help with areas of Finance during the current situation.

UFS issued communications and the University website also contain information on this topic

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