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The pages are set out in eight sections:

Definitions and Reference Information Introduction and the scope of donations.
The principles and practices affecting the acceptable of donations.
Gift Aid rules and procedures.
The different types of donation for accounting purposes.
Departmental Procedures The procedures to be followed in relation to receipts of donations which are routed through the Development Office, as will generally be the case.
The procedures to be followed in relation to receipt of donations that are not routed through the Development Office.
Procedures relating to charging expenditure against departmental donation accounts.
Ongoing departmental accounting procedures for donation accounts.

Departments should use this guidance in conjunction with the 'Procedures for Handling Donations' issued by the Development Office. These procedures are for use by all those who are responsible for seeking philanthropic donations for the benefit of the University and ensuring that such gifts are then appropriately managed. It includes guidance on:

  • Solicition of donors
  • Ethical Guidelines
  • Purpose of the gift
  • Donation agreements
  • Publicity and freedom of information
  • Stewardship of donors

The Development Office's Procedures for Handling Donations is available from the Finance Division's website.