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Statutory regulations apply to the management and maintenance of pressure vessels, lifting equipment and lifts. Inspection requirements for plant and equipment are laid down by the regulators and one of the key requirements is that inspections of equipment are carried out by independent engineering inspectors.

Owners and users of equipment are obliged to ensure that approved independent engineering inspectors are appointed and that adequate information is provided to the inspectors to enable them to locate and inspect the owner's plant and equipment. The University has appointed approved independent engineering inspectors.

Guidance about Pressure Vessel and Lifting Equipment inspection services can be found on the Health & Safety division website.

Particular attention should be given to H&S publications:

  • "A code of Practice for Pressure Equipment in the University of Cambridge"
  • "A Code of Practice for the Use of Lifting Equipment in the University of Cambridge"

Lifts are managed by EM in association with the Lift Maintenance Team based in the Engineering Department.

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