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It is a requirement of all insurance policies that good risk management is practiced. In the event of a claim on the policy, the claims investigators may take a view that risk management was so poor that cover no longer applies, in which case the claim would be regarded as unacceptable. Therefore, every risk should be managed appropriately and in line with University risk management policies. University risk management policies include, but are not restricted to, security and fire safety precautions for buildings and equipment, and teaching and research procedures.

When asked to confirm cover for specific activities, the Insurance Section will request evidence that good risk management is in place. Such evidence would be confirmation of good risk management from Departmental and Unified Administrative Service (UAS) risk managers. The University's risk managers include, but are not restricted to, health and safety, HR, legal, academic, security and fire safety advisers. These managers may be departmental and or experts from the UAS or both. It is a departmental responsibility to ensure that the activities of the department are risk managed.

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