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Requirements and Coverage

Registration with the Motor Insurance Database

Motor insurance is compulsory under UK law. In addition, the EU Motor Insurance Directive requires fleet policy holders such as the University to register their vehicles with the Motor Insurance Database. Non compliance is a criminal offence.

Insurance of hire vehicles

Cover is not provided for hire vehicles and departments should make arrangements to take out the hire company's motor insurance. Details of preferred suppliers can be obtained from the Central Purchasing Office.

Benefits under the policy

Replacement vehicle as new. In the event of loss or damage to a car or goods-carrying vehicle (maximum 7.5 tonnes gross weight), less than one year old, which is considered to be a write-off by Royal & Sun Alliance, the vehicle will be replaced as new.

Temporary replacement vehicle (UK only). In the event of damage to a University vehicle (limited to cars only) which has been taken to a Royal & Sun Alliance authorised repairer, the repairer will provide a temporary replacement car for the duration of the repairs.

The authorised repairer for the Cambridge area is

Gladwins Body Repair Centre
12 Nuffield Road, Cambridge CB4 1TF
Telephone No. 01223 423 242

For accidents occurring outside the Cambridge area, drivers should telephone the Royal & Sun Alliance 24-hour helpline (0845 964 6362) to obtain details of the nearest repairer offering this facility.

Emergency overnight accommodation (UK and Europe). In the event of loss or damage (outside the Cambridge area) to a University vehicle resulting in the driver and occupants being unable to reach their destination the same day, cover is now provided for emergency overnight accommodation. Expenses are limited to two nights and not exceeding £50 for the driver or £250 for all occupants of the vehicle. Individuals would need to pay the accommodation bills and include original receipts with the accident claim form.

Mandatory Requirements

Departments and other institutions must ensure that individuals are suitably qualified to drive and must obtain a copy of the driving licence of anyone intending to drive a vehicle owned or hired by the University (a provisional licence is not acceptable). Licences should then be examined at least on an annual basis.

DVLA restrictions apply to the drivers of minibuses, and Departments must ensure that they comply with DVLA requirements.

Additionally, the following requirements and those of the Health & Safety Division must be adhered to. Minibus drivers must:

  1. be over 21 years of age if driving within the UK;
  2. be over 25 years of age if driving abroad (within the EU);
  3. hold a full driving licence, which has been in force for at least two years;
  4. hold a full driving licence with minibus entitlement (D1 category);
  5. have no driving convictions, other than one speeding offence (time-expired convictions are disregarded);
  6. have had no involvement in motor accidents in the last three years.

The following restrictions apply to the drivers of People Carriers (vehicles with 5 - 8 passenger seats), and Departments must ensure that they comply with the following requirements. Drivers must:

  1. be over 21 years of age if driving within the UK;
  2. be over 25 years of age if driving abroad (within the EU);
  3. hold a full driving licence, which has been in force for at least two years.

Departments are requested to take steps to ensure that seat belts are worn in the interests of personal safety, risk reduction and to comply with the law.

It should be noted that theft of property from unattended vehicles, except as described under guidance notes Insured Risks and Exclusions, is not covered under any of the University's insurances, because the insurers will not accept this risk. Every effort should be made to avoid leaving costly equipment in an unattended vehicle. If transit insurance is required for goods being transported in a vehicle, see guidance note Insured Risks and Exclusions.

The Policy claims excess for accidental damage claims is £250, which is payable by the Department concerned on collection of the vehicle from the vehicle repairers. Windscreen damage does not carry a claims excess and the bill for repair will be settled by insurers direct with the windscreen repair company. In addition the following claims excesses apply to young and new drivers:

  1. under 21 years of age - £200;
  2. between 21 and 24 years of age - £100;
  3. over 25 years of age but has held a licence for less than 12 months - £100.

Claims excesses are payable by the departmental owner/user of the vehicle on collection of the vehicle from the motor vehicle repairer. The balance of the repair bill will be paid direct to the repairer, provided that the insurers' approved repairers have been used (see guidance note above for the Approved Repairer).

Members of staff and occasionally students, may use their own vehicles on University business (claiming the appropriate mileage allowance) provided that their own insurance policies allow this and that any passengers carried at the time are not excluded from the cover by these policies. Departments should have sight of the insurance certificate and should satisfy themselves on these points.

If a University vehicle is to be taken abroad, the Department must contact the Insurance Section to ensure that cover for the vehicle is extended for foreign use. The Department must also ensure that the necessary legal documentation (as appropriate to the countries to be visited) is obtained.

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