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Accidents involving University vehicles

All drivers should be aware of the procedure to be followed in the event of an accident.

  • At the scene of the accident staff members involved as either driver or passenger, should volunteer no admission of blame, whatever the circumstances. This ensures the position of the University's insurance company will not be prejudiced.
  • If anyone has been injured in the accident the Police must be called.
  • The driver should obtain the insurance details of the other vehicle(s) involved i.e. their insurer, policy number, name and address.
  • It is important to obtain the names and addresses of any witness.
  • The name of the University's insurers, Royal & Sun Alliance, must be given to the driver or drivers of other vehicles involved and, if the police are called to the scene of the accident, any information sought by them must be provided to the best of the individual's knowledge.
  • The relevant insurance certificate is that issued by Royal & Sun Alliance covering each University vehicle Original certificates are held by University Faculties and Departments (new certificates being issued to Heads of Department every August).
  • The occurrence should be reported as soon as possible to the Head of the Faculty, Department, or other University institution concerned, and to the Insurance Section.
  • A written description and an explanatory sketch should be made of the scene, indicating the names and layout of the road(s), position of vehicles and persons involved, the direction in which the vehicle was travelling, the registration marks of all vehicles where known, and any road markings, road signs, traffic lights, streetlights, and pedestrian crossings.
  • If the accident occurs in a foreign country, the insurers and the University Insurance Section should be contacted. Contact the Royal & Sun Alliance national 24-hour helpline (0845 964 6362) and or the Insurance Section for assistance during normal office hours.

Motor accidents involving a criminal offence by a University driver

University personnel involved in a motor accident while in a University vehicle may be judged to have broken the law and may therefore be charged with an offence (e.g. dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention). Such an incident will not invalidate the cover of the University's motor vehicle insurance, provided that the vehicle was on official business. Neither insurers or the University will reimburse any fines, costs, or penalties which may be imposed on employees or students for breaches of the law while driving on University business, whether in a University vehicle or in their own vehicle.

Procedure for arranging repairs following an accident

Accidents occurring within a 30-mile (approx.) radius of Cambridge.

All vehicles in this category must be taken to or be collected by:

Gladwins Body Repair Centre
12 Nuffield Road
Cambridge CB4 1TF
Telephone No. 01223 423242

Where the vehicle can be driven safely it should be delivered to Gladwins, but if the damage to the vehicle is such that it cannot be driven safely the matter must be reported immediately to Gladwins who will collect the vehicle. The company will then deal directly with the insurers about the cost of repair.

Accidents occurring outside a 30-mile (approx.) radius of Cambridge

In these circumstances, the person in charge of the vehicle should phone the Royal & Sun Alliance national 24-hour helpline (0845 964 6362) for the name and address of an approved repairer. If this proves to be impossible, the vehicle must be repaired by the nearest garage able to undertake the work. In such a case the garage concerned must be told that before repairs can be undertaken an estimate of the cost of repairs must be produced and that estimate must be dealt with by the Insurance Section will obtain clearance from Royal & Sun Alliance for the work to be put in hand.

Accidents occurring in another European Country

Contact the Royal & Sun Alliance national 24-hour helpline (0845 964 6362) and or the Insurance Section for assistance during normal office hours.

Windscreen Repairs

Royal & Sun Alliance have a special arrangement for the repair of windscreens, day or night, by reference to:

Autoglass Windshields
Unit 2, Elizabeth Way
Telephone No. 01223 461890

If the vehicle is outside the Cambridge area, details of the nearest repairer can be obtained by telephoning the Autoglass helpline on 0800 363636.

A copy of the vehicle insurance certificate must be produced at the time of repair (should be held in the vehicle and or obtainable from the departmental office that hold the original). There is no policy claims excess for windscreen repair and the University does not pay VAT in respect of insurance claims. Autoglass will invoice Royal & Sun Alliance direct for the cost of repairs above the policy excess.

windscreen repairs

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