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Insurance is in place to protect the University and its subsidiary companies and also University and subsidiary company current employees and research students. This insurance is concerned with professional activities such as the provision of expert academic advice and teaching. For letters confirming cover please contact the Insurance Section.

This insurance is designed to meet claim settlement and defence costs in respect of:

  • unintentional acts of neglect or omission
  • breach of warranty or authority
  • infringement of copyright
  • unauthorised use of computer systems or programmes
  • breach of confidential information under data protection legislation
  • breach of intellectual property rights
  • defamation: spoken or written, except against an employee
  • failure to educate
  • discrimination, except against an employee.

This insurance specifically excludes actions concerning:

  • employment and pension matters
  • the professional work of medical practitioners (physicians, surgeons and dentists)
  • aviation design advice.

Consultants are not personally protected by this insurance and departments and institutions should ensure that consultants have appropriate, current professional indemnity and public liability insurances for the work they are engaged in. Employees working in a private capacity fall into the category of consultant; the only exception being consultancy directed through CUTS (a subsidiary of Cambridge Enterprise).

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