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Staff must ensure that neither their conduct of University Business; nor the conduct of any person or organization entering into any contract or arrangement with the University contravenes the Bribery Act 2010 (see Financial Regulation 20.)

There are four key offences under the Bribery Act:

  • Active Bribery (offering to bribe another);
  • Passive Bribery (accepting or requesting a bribe);
  • Bribery of a foreign public offical; and
  • Failing to prevent bribery.

Staff must not use their authority or office for personal gain and must always seek to uphold and enhance the standing of the University. The University's Bribery Policy.

Personal Interests

Staff must declare to their Head of Department any personal interest, which may affect any University Business and act in accordance with the instructions given as to management of any conflict.

Gifts and Hospitality

Staff must seek written permission from their Head of Department before accepting gifts or hospitality directly or indirectly from suppliers, other than low value items such as a gift worth less than £25 or hospitality worth less than £50. Receipt of gifts or hospitality must not influence or appear to influence the choice of supplier or prejudice the University's reputation. If in doubt, gifts and hospitality must be refused. Excessive or lavish gifts or hospitality may constitute Bribery.

Where Heads of Department have a conflict of interest or wish to accept gifts or hospitality (other than low value items) they must seek the advice of the body or person to whom they are responsible, for example Head of School, management board or General Board, and act as advised.

The University's Bribery Policy published May 2012

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