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The following tips on particular products may be useful.

Computer equipment The US Environmental Protection Agency 'Energy Star' identifies monitors and computers which use less than 30 Watts in standby mode and return rapidly from standby to active mode.
Paper The quality of some recycled papers is now high enough for many applications. Recycled, chlorine-free paper is preferable for office use, in the lowest weight, which satisfies quality requirements.
Notelets, pads and envelopes Water-based adhesives are preferable to those containing solvents. Padded envelopes should contain no plastic.
General stationery Most suppliers offer environmental ranges, including pens, rulers and desk tidies made from recycled plastic and renewable resources, solvent-free marker pens and files which can be re-labeled and re-used.
Renewable resources Such as paper, card, wood, cellulose and cotton are preferred to plastic, which is made from oil, a non-renewable resource.
Calculators Solar power is preferable to batteries, which require energy to manufacture and contain toxic heavy metals, which are difficult to dispose of safely.
Furniture Wood should preferably be obtained from sustainable forests. Wood preservatives and lacquers should be water-based, and formaldehyde should not be used in manufacture.

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