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There is no charge for advertising in the OJEC. Notices should be forwarded to Procurement Services ( for onward transmission to the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. All notices are in a standard EU format.

Prior Information Notice (PIN)

PIN notices must be advertised at the beginning of the financial year to alert the market about supply and service contracts which the University anticipates letting during the year (please give Procurement Services advance warning of large supply and service contracts)1. PINS may also be published for individual supply or service contracts. PIN notices are placed in the Journal well before the tendering process is likely to start to notify the market of our intentions. Interested parties may then express an interest to participate. Placement of a PIN results in a reduction in procedural timescales.

Contract Notice

A notice is placed in the OJEC (via Procurement Services) stating the intention to place a contract using one of the procedures above.

Tender evaluation

Tenders are evaluated against pre-determined criteria which have been weighted as appropriate. These criteria will be both qualitative and quantitative so that, the most economically advantageous tender can be identified.

Notice of Award

Whichever procedure is used, a Contract Award notice must be sent to the OJEC within 48 days of the award being made.

Debriefing suppliers

Suppliers may request the reasons why they were unsuccessful. This debriefing must be carried out in accordance with best practice and within the constraints of confidentiality. Advice about how to manage debriefing should be sought from Procurement Services.

More detailed guidance is available from Procurement Services website.


1Public Contracts Regulation 11(1). A PIN also needs to be published when a decision is made to authorise a construction contract subject to the Directives.

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