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Annual Subscriptions

A Department may meet the cost of subscriptions to professional bodies and learned societies where it derives a clear benefit from the employee's membership of such a body. Benefits may arise as a result of the employee's access to material and events promulgated by the body.

Club Membership Subscription

The University will not pay on behalf of, or reimburse to employees, the cost of any membership or annual subscription in respect of clubs or other organisations irrespective of whether the membership is used in the furtherance of University business.


Subscriptions will ordinarily be paid by the individual and reimbursed via an expenses claim form.

Tax Implications

For subscriptions paid on behalf of an employee to an approved body where the activity of the Society is relevant to the office of employment of the employee concerned, no taxable benefit arises and the payment need not be reported on P11D.

Details of approved bodies can be found on the HMRC website

The University may be able to claim or negotiate relief for foreign bodies not included on the list if they can demonstrate the body has similar objects to those included on the list and its activities are relevant to the duties of the employment. Please contact Head of Payroll.

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