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The University may at its discretion arrange for a credit card to be provided to an employee if it is considered that such a facility is essential. Where a card is provided it is to be used only for University business purposes, although it is recognised in exceptional circumstances it may be necessary for you to use the card privately.

Employees will be required to reimburse the University for the private costs incurred as soon as the credit card statement is received.

Departments should charge the business expenses to the appropriate codes/projects within the department and the private expense to debtors in the balance sheet e.g. U.xx.0000.0000.UNAA.0000.

Foreign currency cash withdrawals using a University Credit Card are only available by prior arrangement with the Head of Accounting Services in the Finance Division.

Further details on conditions of use and procedures can be found at Credit Card Procedures on the Non-Pay Expenditure web pages.

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