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The underlying intention of the policy is to reimburse employees for expenses incurred wholly and necessarily in the course of University business ensuring that employees neither gain nor lose financially and to ensure compliance with HMRC legislation. This is in the context that employees are expected both to minimise costs without impairing the efficiency of the University and to avoid any cost to the University that an external observer might regard as being an unnecessary or excessive use of charitable funds.

The University Financial Regulations state that "The rules on expenses reimbursement are set out in the Financial Procedures Manual." 

Travel and subsistence reimbursement claims must be made on University claim forms or other forms or means approved by the Director of Finance. Rates of reimbursement are set by the Finance Committee and notified to Departments and Faculties by the Finance Division. Payments may only be made within these approved rates. The claims must be:

  • For the reimbursement of actual expenditure incurred on University business will be reimbursed and be in accordance with the rates set by the Finance Committee.
  • Accompanied by supporting vouchers for the cost of accommodation, food and other items of expenditure must be produced.
  • In respect of vehicles which are adequately insured where an owner's vehicle is being used for travel on University business.
  • Subsistence expenses will only be paid where the employee is required to be away from their normal place of work.

Under no circumstances must cash be given to casuals from tills, petty cash or from funds obtained through the expenses claim form. Similar restrictions will apply to staff on overseas assignments who engage local field staff.

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