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Travel by staff accounts for a significant proportion of the University's non-pay running costs (approx. £12.8 million in 2014) and the University is required to ensure that this money is disbursed in accordance with agreed policy and procedures to ensure both fairness and value for money. Therefore, all employees should be aware of the following guidance and procedures when incurring travel and associated expenditure on behalf of the University.

  1. Employees should travel and be accommodated in safety with reasonable comfort and be reimbursed for the actual travel and associated expenses incurred wholly and necessarily in the performance of their duties.

  2. Employees should always choose the most cost-effective method of transport for business journeys bearing in mind the numbers travelling and time considerations. Generally, cars should only be used where it is impractical to use other methods of transport or where use of a car is more cost-effective when time and other considerations are taken into account.

    e.g It is allowable to travel by car when:

    • Travelling to do a presentation with display boards/audio visual equipment.
    • No direct train link and despite being cheaper, travel would have to start at 5.30am and thus likely result in an overnight stay.
    • Several employees share a car and the total cost is therefore less than the total cost of public transport.
  3. Preferred suppliers of the University should be used wherever possible.

  4. Where several staff are attending the same meeting, conference etc then wherever possible they should try to share cars or taxis.

  5. Wherever possible and subject to business needs, travel reservations should be made in time to take advantage of cheaper fares or accommodation e.g. off peak and Apex.

  6. Staff must also comply with any further contraints in travel policies contained within terms and conditions imposed by research funders.

Heads of Departments are responsible for ensuring that all travel on University business is justified and that all claims relating to travel are in accordance with the travel policy and procedures of this section.

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