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For long journeys (e.g. over 100 miles) where there is no suitable public transport available, it may be more cost effective for employees to use a hire vehicle rather than to claim mileage. In comparing the relative costs, account needs to be taken of additional charges such as delivery, collision damage waiver and petrol.


Hire car bookings should normally; be made directly with the supplier by the employee. The University supports the higher education national agreements for car hire. These agreements offer the best value for money and should always be used.

Details of the car hire agreements and The University has preferential rates with hire car providers details of which can be found on the Master Framework Contracts spreadsheet on the Procurement website.

Car hire insurance

The University's motor insurance policy does not provide cover for employees driving hired/leased vehicles on University business. Therefore, any hirers must take out the additional insurance cover with the hire company to ensure that they are adequately covered. This is normally included within the overall hire charge and can be reclaimed via the expense form (where the University is not invoiced directly by the hire company).


Ideally cars should be collected from the hire company by the driver, but they may be delivered /collected by the hire company provided that the cost is reasonable in the context of operational needs.

Fuel costs

The actual cost of fuel for hired vehicles may be claimed on the Expenses form and should be supported by receipts. University mileage rates should not be used as a basis for claiming as they include an allowance for the running costs of the vehicle that are not appropriate when hiring vehicles. Cars should be re-fuelled before return to the hire company as this is normally cheaper than paying at a hire company's fuel rates.

Insurance excesses

Where excess charges are incurred for any claims they will be the responsibility of the department.

Tax Implications

Use of a hire car for the purposes of University business is not a taxable benefit and is not reportable on P11D forms.

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