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Where employees require visas and vaccinations for overseas business travel any costs incurred will be reimbursed by the University.


Staff are encouraged to contact the Occupational Health Service who have experienced staff who can provide appropriate vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis and first aid kits at prices considerably cheaper than those available from travel clinics.

Reimbursement should be either via the Expenses claim or by an Internal Trading invoice if using the services of Occupational Health.

Tax Implication

Visas and vaccinations provided for overseas business trips are not taxable and hence do not need to be recorded on the P11D.



Q How do we reimburse working/immigration visas and are they a taxable benefit?

A. These are different to visas for travel and HR have a dedicated section providing detailed guidance. The decision as to whether to pay such visa costs resides with the department and funding source but where they are paid this should always be done via payroll (not Expenses) using a special Visa claim form that is available from

This form provides additional information over the standard CHRIS/82 form and enables departments to consider the correct treatment before claiming and helps to answer the question as to whether the visas are taxable or not. The Payroll Team are able to provide further advice.


Page updated 09-Mar-21

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