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The University will provide travel insurance for employees of Cambridge University and its subsidiary companies whilst travelling abroad on University of Cambridge business. It will also cover members of supervised departmental fieldtrips. Currently no charge is made for this cover; the costs will be met by the University's insurance budget. However, employees and departments (in the case of fieldtrips) are required to use the appropriate application process.


Complete the on-line application forms available from the Insurance sections web site.

  • Their name and home address
  • Their payroll number
  • The countries to be visited
  • The dates of your journey
  • The purpose of your journey
  • Confirmation of good health and that where they have a medical condition their doctor has agreed to the trip

Organisers of supervised departmental fieldtrips to places outside the UK should arrange cover direct with the Insurance Section. Administrators wishing to arrange this cover should complete the Supervised Departmental Fieldtrip Travel Insurance Application Form and send this to the Insurance section at least two weeks before the planned trip.

See Insurance section on the Finance Division website.

Tax implication

University travel insurance Not taxable and does not need to be reported on the P11D.
Other single trip travel insurance Providing it is for foreign travel, it is not taxable and do not need to be reported on the P11D.
Any annual travel insurance

As this can be used for private travel as well as business; it is classed as a taxable benefit and must be reported on the P11D.

However if an employee is able to demonstrate on their own tax returns that the insurance was related wholly to business travel, they may be able to negotiate an apportionment for business use.

Alternatively, if the employee makes a retrospective claim and apportions the premium between their business and private travel during the year, then this does not need to be reported on the P11D.