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The decision as to what method of transport or which transport provider to use must not be influenced by promotional incentives such as air miles, personal cash credit card discounts or rebates. Any benefit arising from this kind of promotional incentive may be taxable.

Partners' Expenses

Partners may not travel at the University's expense except where their presence is required and authorised for a bona fide business purpose (see Travel for spouses and family members).

A partner may accompany a member of staff for personal reasons. In such instances the University must not be charged more than if the member of staff had travelled alone. Wherever possible the partner's travel costs should be invoiced separately and paid privately. If the invoice includes both private and official travel costs the employee should settle the total invoice and reclaim the official element from the University.

Holidays linked to business trips

Any additional travel costs, subsistence or other expenses for days taken as holiday linked to a business trip must not be included on expense claims or otherwise charged to the University.

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