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When making travel arrangements employees/departments can either make the arrangements themselves undertake the necessary research into available options, or departments can make use of the service provided by the Travel Management Company. In all cases departments should be pragmatic and mindful of the requirements of University's travel policy and the time cost in making the arrangements.

Organised directly by department/employee

Travel arrangements and the responsibility for bookings rests with department and the following should be remembered:

  • Preferred suppliers should ideally be used
  • Wherever possible departments should arrange in advance to purchase tickets/ accommodation and settle the associated invoices directly with the suppliers
  • Wherever possible departmental bookings over £100 should be supported by a purchase order as per the Financial Regulations
  • All plans and bookings should be made as far in advance as is practicable in order to take advantage of lower fares etc
  • Travel Insurance should be taken out when the booking is made

Where suppliers are unable to accept a purchase order or issue an invoice, departmental credit cards should be used if available.

Travel Management Company

The University has negotiated a contract with a preferred travel management company, details the current contract are given on the Procurement Services website. The travel management company is an agent that can search for competitive fares and make bookings for airlines, hotels and the Eurostar as well as providing additional services such visas. In return for this service they charge a small transaction fee that varies depending on the travel services booked.

There are many good reasons for using such an agency:

  • They offer the most competitive fares available as they only deal with business travel
  • The agent obtains competitive quotes for you hence saving your time
  • In the event of a dispute with an airline or travel provider, the agent is able to resolve the issues on our behalf
  • The contract 'small print' has been carefully negotiated and is known to be fair to the University
  • We have the ability to accumulate valuable management information
  • The appointed agents can meet University requirements, can develop good customer profiles and work within our subsistence rates
  • Enhancements and improvements to service can be introduced
  • Arrangements can be made for consolidated invoicing and charging
  • It can assist in our duty of care to employees in the event of an emergency, as the agent can inform the University where all its travellers are

Please see Procurement Services website for further details of the University's current travel management company and how to contact them.


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