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This is an electronic method used to pay supplier invoices/staff expenses with non-UK bank accounts. They can be sterling and foreign currency payments. When discussing IPO’s it is important to make the recipient aware they will need to pay any payee fees and that the University / department will pay our bank fees.

Departments should ensure that beneficiaries are entered on the Account Payable Supplier Database (and should note the supplier number on the IPO form). Payments in USD, Sterling and Euros should be entered on UFS before sending the payment request to the Cashier.  Invoices in other currencies will be entered by the Finance Division once the actual exchange rate is known.

All IPO’s must be sent to the University Cashier, Finance Division, Greenwich House with the relevant form completed and supporting documentation e.g. copy invoices, conference booking confirmations or expenses claim forms which should be approved by an authorised signatory and include the beneficiary account details, as supplied by the beneficiary, must also be provided. All advance payments irrespective of amount, must be pre-approved by Procurement Services.

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