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A number of considerations must be made before entering into a contract for the supply of goods or services to external customers. Consideration must be given to all the following related aspects.

  • How does the activity relate to the University's core business - the provision of education and the dissemination of research?
  • Is the activity fundamentally necessary to the core business?
  • Is it appropriate for the University to be involved in such activities?
  • Does the activity conform to guidelines set in the Financial Regulations and to all relevant conditions already in existence within the University's approval framework?
  • Does the activity bring the University into disrepute or disgrace by association?
  • Does the activity expose the University to unacceptable risks (e.g. financial, legal, health and safety?) and is this covered by the University Insurance policy?
  • Would the activity risk the University's charitable status?
  • Has it been subject to a realistic assessment of the likely levels of income to be produced by the activity and a proper assessment of costs?
  • Have the University's standard terms and conditions been successfully incorporated into the sale?
  • Are the price, delivery requirements and any other conditions particular to this sale acceptable to both the customer and the University?

Further guidance about some of these aspects are provided in the following pages. In the case of new income generating activities you must forward details (inc. answers to the above questions where possible) to the Accounts Receivable Team prior to engaging in the new activity. If necessary they will refer to the Taxation Team for further clarification.

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