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 Access the Supplier Database here

Please note that the Supplier Database no longer works with Internet Explorer


Tip: If the site times out due to inactivity, try refreshing your browser or logging out and back in. For further assistance see the guidance notes documents below.


About the supplier database

There are two levels of access to the supplier database and it no longer works with Internet Explorer.


Within each department, there will be members of staff (Key Contacts) with access to the supplier database for searching and requesting a new supplier or amending or reactivating an existing one. As well as your RAVEN id and password you will also need additional authorisation and setup from Accounts Payable. Please note that not all staff will have these access rights. If you do not have access and feel that you should, please advise your departmental administrator and if appropriate they may approve and request access with Accounts Payable

Guidance on using the full Supplier Database


There is also a facility for employees who use CUFS to use the database to perform supplier searches only. You can search the database by numerous methods, for example by a specific name of a supplier, VAT number/company registration number or by various keyword and commodity options where you are looking for a supplier of a particular type of goods or service.

Guidance on using the Search-only facility

Anti-slavery and anti-trafficking policy

In support of the University Council policy - Anti-slavery and anti-trafficking statement and policy it is a requirement within the new Online Supplier Search and request Database, for departments to confirm that our suppliers conform to the Anti-slavery and anti-trafficking policy – Management of Suppliers (New and Current) as detailed in the reporter.

The document here outlines the basic policy, provides guidance on what is required from you and includes a ‘Modern Slavery Supplier Compliance Statement’ that we would expect suppliers to sign and return to us prior to us setting them up on the database, this document also details what is required where a formal contract already exist.

A note about Preferred suppliers

Preferred suppliers have been approved by Procurement Services and have already agreed to the University general terms and conditions, we may also receive preferential rates and their credit terms will be in line with ours. In general we should use preferred suppliers whenever possible and they should be considered before making a request for a new supplier.

The system will prompt you with preferred supplier details when you search, these will be highlighted in green.

For more on preferred suppliers visit the Procurement services website.

E-Invoicing suppliers

Below is a current list of suppliers that currently use e-invoicing, a method to transmit invoices electronically to the University.

Click here for information on how e-invoicing works.

Supplier Name Supplier Number E-Invoicing Live Date
Avocado Research Chemicals Ltd T/A Alfa Aesar 61459 April 2018
Bio-techne Ltd 339593 April 2018
Biolegend UK Ltd 326397 February 2018
Cambridge Bioscience Ltd 95846 February 2018
Cell Signaling Technology Europe BV 409389 April 2019
Fisher Scientific UK Ltd 61031 2012
Geneflow Ltd 121051 February 2018
Gilson Scientific Ltd 285839 February 2018
Illumina Cambridge Ltd 326755 March 2021
Insight Biotechnology Ltd 61303 February 2018
Lifetech Technologies Ltd (Invitrogen Division) 61494 2013
Merck Life Science UK Ltd 61043 2011
Miltenyi Biotec Ltd 61647 February 2018
NewEngland Biolabs (NEB) 61711 2014
Peprotech EC Ltd 61834 February 2018
Promega UK Ltd 61903 2017
Qiagen Ltd 61917 2012
Scientific Laboratory Supplies 62075 2013
Starlab UK 62207 June 2018
Stratech Scientific Ltd 62229 March 2018
Takara Bio Europe/Clontech 201144 March 2018
VWR International Ltd 61614 2011
Wolf Laboratories Ltd 96455 2017
Supplier Name Supplier Number E-Invoicing Live Date
Academia Ltd 183342 2017
Supplier Name Supplier Number E-Invoicing Live Date
Blackwell UK Ltd TA Heffers 61184 March 2018
Supplier Name Supplier Number E-Invoicing Live Date
Banner Group Ltd 381977 February 2019
Bluefish Office Products Ltd t/a STP 378984 February 2018
Office Depot UK Ltd 61141 2013


Marketplace suppliers

A number of University key suppliers have catalogues available on our electronic marketplace which is accessed via CUFS. A list of these suppliers is available at:


High Street suppliers

You should avoid high street suppliers where possible, as in general they will not provide the same credit facilities or preferential rates as larger companies offer and warranties may not be valid in some instances where we buy domestic goods that may be used in a commercial environment.

Contact us

For assistance with using the Supplier Search and Request system and general supplier enquiries please contact the Accounts Payable office:
Telephone: (7)65097 
Fax: (7)65094