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Finance Division



The ability for departments to upload additional reference information to the GL (such as a Cost Centre ‘Owner’ and additional categorisation)  to complement the existing Chart of Accounts is regarded as a crucial improvement, as it will allow departments to generate reports that better match their local information needs and reduce their reliance on manual reporting via spreadsheets. 

The ability to record an ‘Owner’ will also support the longer term objective of creating a solution whereby Cost Centre owners are able to access their own financial information via a simple to use budget management system.

Current State

During Phase 2 of the project, we developed a new capability for departments to upload an ‘Owner’ and up to 4 additional categories to Cost Centres on the General Ledger – and for this information to be accessible via standard reporting. 

This capability will be rolled out in a controlled manner during Phase 3 of the project, so if you wish to be considered as an ‘early adopter’ of this enhancement, please email  or discuss with your local Finance Manager.

Who is involved with the roll out ?

A list of those departments involved in the roll out is published here and will be updated on a regular basis.