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For Direct Finance System users (e.g. Accounts staff & Administrators)

  • Improved efficiency & flexibility through the new Excel versions of the most frequently used CUFS reports and the ability to identify the best-fit report for your needs via the Financial Reports Catalogue.
  • Gain an accurate view of the funds available by including purchase order commitments in the General Ledger – removing the need for time-consuming manual intervention.
  • Ability to store budget ‘owners’ in the finance system to allow production of reports per individual.
  • Reduced reliance on local spreadsheets by allowing upload of additional category/grouping information to the finance system to support analysis & reporting requirements
  • Better management of research grant budgets by including the impact of staff salary commitments*
  • Ability to upload local ‘Plans’ to CUFS – to reduce reliance on local spreadsheet-based reporting and allow these plans to be reported on via standard outputs.

For Indirect Finance System users (e.g. PIs)

  • Better financial planning and decision-making as a result of new solutions.
  • Greater independence, by allowing you direct access to your own financial information rather than having to rely on others:
  • Self-service access to your Research Grant information via the Research Grant Expenditure Application
  • Ability to access information related to your Cost Centre(s) via a self-service budget management application*
  • Earlier identification of potential issues (e.g. underspend or overspend on grants) by providing visibility of the impact of staff salary commitments on your budgets*
  • Increased efficiency and reduced frustration, by providing a financial information portal so that you have a one-stop-shop for your financial information needs*
yet to be delivered



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