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Below are some items/steps that we suggest staff members consider. Click on the sections below for more information.

Q. Review the syllabus and requirements to make sure that it is the right qualification for you.

If you can try and speak to others who are qualified or are currently studying – if you don’t know anyone then speak to Finance Training and we will try and put you into contact with someone you can talk to.

Q. Will you be able to meet the Practical Experience Requirements?

Becoming a Chartered Certified Accountant is more than just passing exams you also have to demonstrate that you have 3 years of relevant work experience. Have you already got this from your current or previous roles? Is there scope for getting this in your role in the future? Is there opportunity for gaining this experience outside of work with external businesses or volunteering with clubs and societies? May you need to change roles?

Q. Are you able to find yourself a work place mentor?

ACCA have a requirement for you to have a mentor who is ideally a qualified accountant, who works closely with you and knows the quality of your work. Is there anyone appropriate in your department?

Q. Are you eligible for any exemptions?

For example are you AAT qualified or have other accounting qualifications. Please note you will need to submit any exemption requests to ACCA, await their approval and pay all associated fees before you are able to register for your first exam. Be aware that this can take a number of weeks.

Q. How and where would you like to study?

A number of study options are available ranging from the traditional face-to-face courses during weekdays, evenings or at weekends to a growing number of online or home study options. Many suppliers let you mix and match styles for different papers or for even different elements of the same course e.g. taught and revision

Q. Which papers are you going to start with and how many are you planning to study in year?

How you study for the qualification is very flexible and you can progress at your own pace but, there is a ten-year limit to complete the exams within. Exams take place twice a year in June and December. Think carefully about how much study time you can realistically submit to, (especially if it is a while since you have last studied) and what are the busier times of the year both at home and work. Most people take one or two exams per sitting.

Q. How much is it going to cost?

To a certain extent this will depend on which study method, supplier and the number of papers that you decide to take. But remember to also factor in:

  • the cost of the exemptions;
  • the one-off ACCA administration fee;
  • your annual ACCA student subscription;
  • the exam fees themselves;
  • any VAT on tuition fees.

Q. Are you able to get any funding support?

In general the Finance Division is unable to financially support staff from outside their own Division in studying towards ACCA and CIMA, although we are happy to co-ordinate any bookings with local suppliers to ensure that you receive the benefit of the University discounts. Other potential areas of financial support include:

Q. Can I study ACCA as part of an apprenticeship?

Yes, the ACCA professional qualification (like CIMA) could be studied as part of a three year Level 7 Professional Accountant Apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are development opportunities that require commitments from both the individual doing the apprenticeship and their manager.  The following are requirements:

  • The individual and manager commit to 20% off-the-job training and development
  • The role must support the apprenticeship training – so that you can get the on-the-job experience needed to support your learning

Apprenticees will also have to undertake different assessments. Please read the Professional Accountant standards for more information. 

Meanwhile general guidance on apprenticeships at the University and how to apply are available from PPD at 


Q. Contact Finance Training for further advice and support in making the booking

Karen Sheldon (Manager Finance Training)
Tel  01223 (7)66599

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