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Many people within the University are involved with the procurement process in one way or another. Suggested training and development in this area will thus depend very much on the individual's role and their level of responsibility. Below is a summary of the training resources currently available.

PURCHASING GUIDANCE &  COURSES To order and receive goods, works and services, creating purchase orders, receipting and approving
.... for requisitioners

Modern Slavery Act (online) PLUS

iProcurement: Requisitioner (online)  
iProcurement 1: Getting started in iProcurement (classroom )

iProcurement how-to guides and FAQs

Get to know the MarketPlace (webinar)

.... for buyers

Modern Slavery Act (online) PLUS

iProcurement Buyers (online) 
iProcurement 1: Getting started in iProcurement (classroom )

             AND OPTIONALLY 
iProcurement 2: Managing orders and the Buyers Work Centre

.... for approvers

Approvers (online course)

PROCUREMENT GUIDANCE & COURSES Enabling users to purchase, working with stakeholders and sourcing (e.g tendering, evaluating, negotiation and contract award), relationship management.
Mandatory for all Anti Bribery & Corruption (online)

Modern Slavery Act (online)

Read Finance Regulations:

Section F: Purchasing

Schedule 1: Competition procedures

Schedule 2:  Definition, Advice and Guidance

... for those that request suppliers The Supplier Database (webinar)  
... for those that buy travel Welcome to Key Travel (webinar) Booking Travel guide
  Other suggested reading and guidance

Financial Procedures Manual (Chapter 4) - Procurement

Other Purchasing Procedures, Legislation and Guides

Environmental Sustainability Induction Module



Please see our CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Assistance pages for help with areas of Finance during the current situation.

UFS issued communications and the University website also contain information on this topic

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