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Many people within the University are involved with the procurement process in one way or another. Suggested training and development in this area will thus depend very much on the individual's role and their level of responsibility. Below is a summary of procurement training resources currently available.

Suggested reading and guidance

Online courses

Classroom courses and workshops

Qualification programmes

Higher Education Procurement Academy (HEPA) online courses

HEPA has worked with the City of Glasgow College to develop a series of online learning courses, specifically aimed at procurement. These courses are a great, cost-effective way to develop the skills of both the central procurement team and departmental staff who are either local specialists or responsible for managing the procurement activities within their department.

Below is a brief summary and links to each course but please contact Finance Training for more information.

  • Introduction to HE Procurement
  • Legislative Changes – the Bribery Act
  • Supplier Due Diligence & Risk Management
  • Cost Modelling
  • Spend Analysis – Graphs to Max/Impact Findings
This course looks at the importance of effective procurement, processes and the spectrum of activities in HE, how to manage competition issues, the support mechanisms and considers how an HEI can focus strategically on procurement.

Book on the Introduction to HE Procurement course.

The key elements of the Bribery Act 2010 will be covered whilst looking at the type of potential corrupt practices that can impact on procurement, compliance issues, fraud and corruption best practices, anti-fraud policies as well as some case studies.

Book on the Legislative Changes - the Bribery Act course.

Here we will concentrate on defining what is 'due diligence', the importance of reputational analysis and corporate social responsibility, then move on to look at commercial risk management within a procurement context and the fundamentals of post contract management.

Book on the Supplier Due Diligence & Risk Management course.

Working round a typical procurement cycle, we consider the cost models and the range and benefits of each, we ask why understanding cost is so important, look at the cost models in relation to supplier delivery and finally at value chain analysis.

Book on the Cost Modelling course.

In this course we look at the why, what and how of spend analysis, the different approaches to analysing spend, the key tools and techniques and how to present information on spend to internal stakeholders.

Book on the Spend Analysis – Graphs to Max/Impact Findings course.



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