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Finance Division


Training resources 

We provide training and support for all finance systems. Whether you are a brand new user and never used the system before or an experienced user who would like to expand your knowledge and skills further, we aim to help.   

Our training resources are in a number of different formats, virtual classroom courses, on-demand packages, online courses, webinars etc. Click here to jump to the finance systems links


On demand courses

These cover much of the same content as the virtual classroom courses and are available at any time. They include videos, exercises and self test activities.

These can be used: 

  • As a refresher 
  • For new staff or staff moving into a new role
  • When a virtual classroom course is not available at a suitable time
  • When a virtual classroom course is not a suitable format for an individual

More on demand courses will be developed over time

After successful completion of the final knowledge check, these courses will be added to the users training history 

Full programme of virtual classroom and online courses (NB the on demand courses are not included on these timetables)

Virtual classroom programme 2021-22

Online programme

Can't find what you are looking for? 

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Finance systems training

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