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These are online courses, available at any time. Book a place to start the course immediately.


An introduction to University Finance 

This course is designed to provide a basic introduction to how finances are managed at the University and is the ideal first course for anyone who will be working in an accounts area.

Topics covered:

  • How the University is funded
  • The role of Financial Regulations
  • Finance Division v Departmental activities
  • The roles of Development Office, Research Operations and the Investment Office
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Grants Part 1 - Getting started in research grants 

A short online course that provides a basic introduction to the key features of Research Grants and how they are managed in the University.

This should be completed before Grants 2, 3 and 4

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Grants 4 - Administration of grants in CUFS

This course covers the day to day and month end transactions that need to be completed using a variety of tools in CUFS

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 On demand courses



These are online packages of material including videos, documents and quizzes. They can be completed at any time and do not need to be booked.
They are ideal for use as a refresher or for training new staff if a virtual course is not available at a suitable time. 

Link between grants and other modules 

The grants transactions are recorded in the grants module. This material looks at how the grants module integrates with CUFS

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 Virtual classroom courses


These are live courses run on Teams, places must be booked in advance


Grants Part 2 - Grants reports in Cognos

This course will concentrate on how to use the Cognos reporting tool to help manage departmental research grants. These reports can be divided into three main categories:

  • Summary financial information for Projects
  • Detailed expenditure analysis
  • Management reports for Grants due to close

In this course we will not access the Grants module in CUFS.

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Grants Part 3 - Viewing grants in CUFS

This course provides an overview of the Grants module in CUFS. The course will cover how you can view your projects and awards, check budgets, perform on-line queries and run some CUFS reports.

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In addition to the above courses, information, training and guidance is available from ROO, with specific guidance on fEc and fEc terminology 

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