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These are online courses, available at any time. Book a place to start the course immediately.


An introduction to University Finance 

This course is designed to provide a basic introduction to how finances are managed at the University and is the ideal first course for anyone who will be working in an accounts area.

Topics covered:

  • How the University is funded
  • The role of Financial Regulations
  • Finance Division v Departmental activities
  • The roles of Development Office, Research Operations and the Investment Office
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Grants Part 1 - Getting started in research grants 

A short online course that provides a basic introduction to the key features of Research Grants and how they are managed in the University.

This should be completed before Grants 2, 3 and 4

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Getting started as a Key Contact

Each department has one or more nominated Finance Key Contacts.

They take responsibility for many day-to-day interactions between the department and the Finance Division, such as:

  • Requesting and amending user access to UFS
  • Receiving communications and reports
  • Requesting new suppliers

This course tells you all about the role of a Key Contact and what it entails.

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In addition to the above courses there are a series of compliance courses which must be completed on a regular basis - Click here to find out more

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