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Q. I'm getting the following message "You are trying to access a page that is no longer active. The referring page may have come from a previous session. Please select Home to proceed."

The Helpdesk are often contacted regarding this error message when attempting to log in to CUFS as users think this it is an account problem when it is actually a caching issue. Users are advised to clear their browser's cache.

Help to do this can be found here: How to clear your browser's cache

If the problem persists please email UFS_enquiries

Further UFS technical help can be found on the UFS website

Q. I am having problems logging into CUFS following the upgrade

Some users have saved shortcuts to CUFS, often these shortcuts contain stored information which is no longer valid after the upgrade.

This is causing a number of issues for users, especially around logging in.

If you are experiencing issues, please try the following:

·         Update all stored links to be

·         Using a different browser to the one you normally use

·         Clearing your browser cache

Q. I have been unable to download CUFS reports to Excel when using Edge

A recent update to Edge stopped users from being able to automatically download and view Excel reports from CUFS.

We now have a workaround for this by following these instructions.

This is an issue with Edge, and affects other applications in addition to CUFS. We have logged the issue with Microsoft and are awaiting a fix from them.

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