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R12.2 Update

The University finance system has been updated to version R12.2. This has seen some changes for the iProcurement module. Select the thumbnail below to see a consolidated list of the changes you can expect.

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Click here to see an updated list of all currently known issues with the R12.2 upgrade

Introduction and setup


Non-catalog Items

Checking out

Managing requisitions

Approving / rejecting requisitions

Finding and printing purchase orders

Managing orders

Month-end and reporting



Q. When adding an additional line for freight during autocreate how do I code it to a Grant?

You would need to navigate to the shipments tab, click on the details icon, input the grant code, apply and then save. It should then pull through to the Distribution tab. You can only amend a GL code on the Distribution tab.

Q. Can a field be added to the autocreate view screen to display the Requester's name?

Yes - Navigate to Personalize and add in the field of Requester. Go to the bottom of the screen where you will need to add in an additional search field e.g Ship To. Then apply and apply again. When you are back at the autocreate screen, select your new view and it will display the requester field as well.

Q. Can a 'Note to buyer' field be added in during autocreate?

No, if you want to see whether any notes have been added either at cart or line level then you will need to click on the requisition number. At the top of the screen there is 'Header Attachments' where you can click on and view any notes added at cart level. In addition, at the bottom of that screen there is an attachment section where you can view attachments entered at line level.

Q. What changes can be made to a PO?

If the PO has not yet been receipted and no invoice has been matched then you can amend the tax code, cancel a line and cancel an order. You cannot amend an account code. Once receipting has taken place then amendments to codes, whether tax or account will need to be amended at the AP stage.

Q. How do I add a new line to an approved purchase order?

You can only add a line to an approved Non-Catalog purchase order. Do NOT add a line to an approved Marketplace Order as the revised version does NOT transmit to the supplier. This causes significant problems when the supplier submits the invoice.

Refer to the Buyers Work Centre: Adding a Line to a Purchase Order detailed document for instructions.

Q. How can I change the tax code on an order?

You can only amend the tax code of an order if it has not been receipted and/or matched to an invoice. Once you have found the order, click Update then select Change Amount from the Actions drop down list and click Go. Then select Manage Tax from the Actions drop down list and click Go. This will display the tax screen, where you then click on Additional Tax Information. Detailed guidance available Buyers Work Centre: Amending Purchase Orders.

Q. If a tax code is incorrect on more than one line in a Purchase Order, do you have to amend each line or is there an 'Apply to all lines' button?

You will need to amend each line if the tax code is incorrect.

Q. Can I change the currency on an approved order?

No, not once an order has been approved. If it is incorrect, and the items have not yet been receipted or matched to an invoice, you could cancel the order and raise another one.

Q. Can the description field be updated for an approved order?

Yes, once you have found the order, drill down on the order number and select Update. Edit the description field, save and then submit again. Ensure the status is approved, reserved.

Q. I have amended a non-catalog order and it the status won't up date to 'Approved, Reserved'

This is mainly due to the order being re-approved in a financial month different to when it was originally raised. Refer to detailed guidance Amending the GL date for a previously approved order.

Q. How do I add notes under instructions on the PO?

You need to query the order via the Buyers Work Centre. Once you have selected the order number, choose Update. Enter the information in the note to supplier fields under the Instruction Notes section. Save and submit. Ensure the status of the PO is approved, reserved after you've submitted.

Q. The supplier has contacted me to advise the item is no longer available so I need to order a replacement product.

If you are wanting to add a line to an order for a replacement product due to the original item no longer available, then cancel the original line/order and raise a new requisition for the replacement item. Advise the supplier that you are cancelling the original line/order and that a replacement order will be sent.

Q. Do we still need to finally close a PO to remove a commitment?

Yes if the invoice was NOT matched to the order, but once it is finally closed then it cannot be opened again. Do NOT finally close orders for eSuppliers. If it is simply an order raised in error and not yet receipted you can cancel it, but ensure you advise supplier.

Q. How do you search for all orders raised by another colleague in the Buyers Work Centre?

You can enter the colleague's name in the Buyer field and any other relevant search fields can also be used.

Q. How can I find a requisition via the Buyers Work Centre?

If you navigate to Buyers Work Centre, click on the Requisitions Tab. This will display requisitions to autocreate. Find and select the Summary link. You can then search requisitions.

Q. Can I update a purchase order to track an item as an asset as it was missed at the requisition stage?

Yes, follow the guidance document titled Buyers Work Centre: Amending Purchase Orders

Q. My Purchase order has a status of 'In Process' and I am unable to do anything with it.

This is usually due to the order being stuck in the system. Please contact the Helpdesk Hub on 65101 who will provide you with guidance.

Q. Is it possible to withdraw a purchase order?

Yes but only if the status of the purchase order is In-Process or Pre-Approved. However, due to the way the University is configured for iProc it is not often you will have a purchase order with this status.

Q. Can I copy old Marketplace Orders?

No. Copying of Marketplace orders is not allowed as it is quite possible that the price has changed since the old order. This would result in the order being rejected by Science Warehouse who manage the Marketplace. You can add frequently ordered items to your Favourites or Saved Baskets. The system will then notify you that the price has changed when you add items to your new order.

Q. When entering the grant distribution on my requisition/invoice/pre-approved batch I am getting the message "A task level expenditure transaction control has been violated"

Transaction controls are set up to prevent spending on a particular Expenditure Category if this is required. This error message indicates that the expenditure category selected has not been set up to allow expenditure to be posted. The user should check the award budget screen to ensure that there is a budget for the expenditure category that they wish to charge the expenditure to. If there is a budget, contact your Research Services Administrator/Advisor (RSA).

Q. Can you split one item over different Deliver-To locations?

No, you would need to have two different lines in the requisition. As a buyer, before you checkout your original cart, return to the iProc home page. From My Requisitions, copy the requisition just started and Add it to your existing cart. This way you get an extra item line for the same item. You can now amend the Requestor as desired.

Q. Do all goods and services have to be receipted in CUFS?

Yes, otherwise the invoice will go on hold. Ensure you only receipt what you have received!

Q. I have received an email notification ‘Requisition no longer exists’.

This is due to a timing difference between the system generated notification emails advising you that the requisition has approved and the subsequent purchase order/s having been approved. The email can be ignored as it is has no impact on the requisition or order.

Q. I can't see all the fields I required on the Demand Workbench when autocreating, can I add extra fields?

This is not currently possible, but is being investigated.

Q. The iProcurement screens are difficult to read, are these customisable?

The colour schemes can be changed by following the guidance:

Most of the iProcurement screens are accessed through the browser, so the zoom level can be adjusted if font size is an issue.

Q. The apply allocation to all of my requisition lines is changing the transaction codes.

This is expected, it will copy all segments of the GL code and will override all transaction codes. For this reason you must be careful, especially when ordering a variety of items.

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