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The University has a complicated Chart of Accounts and coding can seem daunting and there are two different structures:

  • Research grant /project funded items
  • General Ledger ("Charge Accounts") items

These pages provide guidance and resources to assist you.


Basic structure



U = Entity

ZZ = Dept code

ZZBG = Dept cost centre

AAAA = Source of funds

ERPZ = Transaction codes

0000 = Spare

Further guidance and training

Introduction to University Finances online course

Best Practice Guide 2 - Guidance for using CUFS coding

Best Practice Guide 3 - Guidance for using Transfer codes

FPM Chapter 3 - Chart of Accounts




 ZZAG001/(R)G12345/1/other costs

ZZAG        = Dept project number

(R)G12345 = Award number

1                =  task number within the project

Other costs = expenditure type

Further guidance and training

GMS1 : Getting started in Research Grants online course

FPM Chapter 19 - Research Grants








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