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On the 27 May, AAT announced that exams would be available from Monday 29 June. Please see below FAQs for more information.

Q. When can I sit my exam with First Intuition?

First Intuition are currently undertaking risk assessments (along with all other exam centres). They are aiming to be able to accept exam bookings in July. However, the exact date is still uncertain.


Q. I had an exam booked before the lockdown which had to be cancelled. When can I sit my exam?

First Intuition will be prioritising students which were cancelled. You will be contacted directly to let you know that you can book your exam. The only caveat may be with students who are able to sit exams remotely to suggest they do so.

Q. AAT announced my exam could be sat remotely what will happen with that now?

So far AAT have not withdrawn the promise of remotely proctoring exams in August. AAT also suggested this would be the first wave of other exams they would provide by remote proctoring. Currently our understanding is that you will be able to sit your exam remotely.

Q. I need to book my Synoptic Assessment, when can I sit these exams?

AAT have added extra windows for the synoptic assessment, the nearest windows for each are as follows:

Advanced Synoptic Assessment: Week commencing 13 July, 20 July & 17 August

Professional Synoptic Assessment: Week commencing 6 July, 13 July & 24 August

First Intuition will prioritise July synoptic bookings for students who have completed the required core modules for the exam (For advanced synoptic this is the Advanced Bookkeeping, Final Accounts Preparation, & Management Accounting: Costing. For professional synoptic it is the Management Accounting: Budgeting, Management Accounting: Decision and Control, and Financial Statements for Limited Companies).

Q. Where will the exams be hosted?

The exams will be hosted at the First Intuition building.

The risk assessment they are currently undertaking will be looking at alternative potential exam rooms as their regular one will not meet requirements for social distancing. They are also looking at how students get to the venue.


Please see our CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Assistance pages for help with areas of Finance during the current situation.

UFS issued communications and the University website also contain information on this topic

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