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Finance Division


We provide training and support for all UFS modules: whether you are a brand new user and never used the system before or an experienced user who would like to expand your knowledge and skills further, we aim to help.

Virtual classroom courses

Physcial classroom courses are not currently running, instead we have a programme of virtual courses which are run via Teams. These virtual courses are designed to cover the content of the classroom courses and are interactive with discussion and exercises. Where it is relevant, attendees practice on the 'Play' environment which is a copy of the 'Live' system. This will alleviate any fear of making mistakes and allow them to explore what the system can do without affecting the real system.

On-line courses

We have a growing library of on-line courses where you can watch and interact with software that replicates our system. They allow you to work through at your own pace, at a time and place to suit you. In addition you will have on-line tutor support and self-test exercises to check your learning as you progress.

Bespoke events

Can't see exactly what it is you are looking for, or have a group of people all needing something similar or are lookig to introduce a new system / process into your department then contact the Training Team. We will explore with you the possibility of developing a bespoke programme either on or off site to suit your needs.


Please see our CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Assistance pages for help with areas of Finance during the current situation.

UFS issued communications and the University website also contain information on this topic

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