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The Purchasing module (which includes iProcurement) is used to create purchase orders on UFS, this in turn, creates a commitment.  When the order is complete, matched to an invoice and that invoice then paid this becomes an actual expense. It is therefore best practice to ensure orders are processed appropriately and accounts are maintained and accurate.

Tasks required Final date for completion
Run and review the Open Purchase Order Report - Excel Version Mon 1 Aug
Action the Open Purchase Orders Report Fri 5 Aug
Module closes 5pm Fri 5 Aug


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In case of queries, please contact the Procurement Systems Helpdesk
Tel: 65101 or email

Run and review the Open Purchase Orders Report - Excel Version (UFS)

This report lists all the purchase order lines that have not been fully completed, received or fully matched to an invoice. It assists in identifying where goods need to be received into the system, purchase orders or order lines need to be cancelled or finally closed. It also provides useful information with regards to funds checking and commitments. You need to review the outcome of this report being ran and identify the actions needed as detailed below. 

Action the Open Purchase Order Report

Ensure all receipts of goods are processed

  • From the Open Purchase Orders Report - Excel Version (UFS) review outstanding receipts for purchase orders where the goods have not been received.
  • Complete receipts for all goods delivered (especially re e-invoicing suppliers) and where services have been received.


Finally closing orders and requisitions

  • Review the Open Purchase Orders Report - Excel Version (UFS) report and establish orders where the goods have been received on the system, and the invoice has been paid but not matched to the original purchase order. Finally close the PO. The related requisition will automatically be closed.
  • Do not finally close any order awaiting an e-invoice


Review purchase orders with a status of "Incomplete"

  • From the Open Purchase Orders Report - Excel Version (UFS) review purchase orders that the Department believes should be approved in order to record the commitment for the month.
  • For any orders (and related requisitions) no longer needed or raised in error, with a status of incomplete, the department has two choices:

a)   Complete and approve the order in order for it to be cancelled. Please ensure that any orders being approved in order to be cancelled, do not have the Z Marketplace supplier site name otherwise the order will be automatically sent to the supplier. You will also have to re-enter the ship-to and bill-to locations before you can approve and then cancel the order.

b)   Alternatively, an order can be rejected back to the requistioner (where one exists) and then cancelled.



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