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CIMA have introduced a new syllabus and exam structure with effect from 1st January 2015.

Any staff who are existing students should talk to their training providers or Finance Training regarding how the transitional arrangements will affect them.

2015 Exam Structure

From January 2015 CIMA introduced a new syllabus and a revised style and format of exams. Each level of CIMA will now be assessed by three subject specific objective tests plus a longer integrated case study. Therefore to qualify as a CIMA member you will need to complete:

  • 12 exams from operational to strategic level
  • Completion of the Practical Experience Requirements.

The new exams

  • All exams will now be PC-based
  • The new objective test exams will be 90 minutes long, can be sat at any time with the results available immediately. Covering the whole syllabus they will consist of short questions including some multi-choice/response, data entry and fill in the gaps type questions. The pass mark will be 70%.
  • The integrated case study exams are 3 hours long and have four sittings a year: February, April, August and November. They will consist of the more traditional long questions and include an element of pre-seen materials. Results will be released 3-4 week after the exam.



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